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We will recreate you in the future. 100% of You. Your mind and Body.

To recreate you we need now just very good data about you and way to secure it by long period of time. We will recreate you in state that you were in moment of gathering the data in our center.

Process is based on machine learning technology and artificial intelligence.

In the past such idea would be considered fiction, now when we observing fast progress in machine learning field such concept seems obvious. Just imagine what machines will be able to do if they are allowed to develop themselves by period similar to existence of our civilization.






We are not able yet to scan you atom by atom. Magnetic resonance imaging is not very detailed. Preserving your DNA is not enough. Cryonics does not guarantee revival. But we can collect data regarding you in such a way that in the future we will be able to build models of you and test it.

Thanks to carefully prepared validation data we will be able to know if the model is 100% you. Then we just build a body that is you. And you are back. Yes, we can not imagine yet technology we will use to build a perfect body, but what is most important for you, your data will wait is safe places until technology will be sufficiently developed. And in agreement that you sign with us you would be able to choose conditions under which you will be recreated.
Keeping data secure is relatively simple. A few copies kept in a few secure places and refreshed periodically.

In basic beta version (BBV) of service that will start at beginning of 2023 we propose collection of narrower range of data regarding you and keeping it in a bit less secure conditions.
But BBV is intended for people that can no longer wait. Others can do it either but “just in case” and wait until we have fully working infrastructure.

For security reasons most of services (excluding some options in BBV) will be available only offline.






Data will be kept in at least 3 countries. Offline. To avoid potential dangers.

Plan is to made centers of data collection and storage in North America, Asia and Europe. When possible also outside of Earth. In each center there will be exact copy of data, constantly refreshed and protected against loss of smallest bit of information. Part of your fee will be invested in secure and conservative way so in the moment that you are recreated you are much wealthier too.







There is one company that offers keeping your DNA, grow your body when it will be possible and then showing to this organism your photos and delivering information about you. But this attitude is different than ours. It seems to not provide perfect you, offering instead some form of hybrid that will be able, in best case, to imitate you.

Cryonics - several companies.

There are also companies that tries to develop machine that will copy how human brains work. But it is a different category.















This is initial, diy, website for people interested in investing in the idea. This is not website for end customer of REITION services.

REITION is about collecting sufficient quantity of data regarding individual person and keeping it secure until technology will allow building perfectly working model of that person. Process will be based on machine learning technology. When build model works and pass all tests based on collected data, real person will be recreated. Person will have exact body and mind as in days when data were gathered in our center. Details, scope and methodology of data we gather and model testing will be revealed to public after center is build and we start to serve first customers. Security of data is priority. For customer that are interested, we offer also investment plans that secure future needs of recreated person.


And about person that would be recreated first and will take care about you in the future:

Since 2007 I'm independent consultant in field of information. I'm paid for finding/gathering information that is difficult to spot. Before I was working for large European corporation but as it was dead end job, I have quit. I also help business to source products and avoid fraud.

From more than 5 years I work periodically for different programs of world's largest suppliers of search and advertisement services. I provide human judgment used in machine learning processes. Machines use that data for constant improvement of their own decision making process. I'm not machine learning engineer but I'm some kind of insider that see how and which data are collected. As now in 2017 machine learning is simple and available to anyone I of course played a bit with software*.

I'm also not IT person. In the 90s I have learned assembler (programming language) but in small Polish province such skills were completely useless. But thanks to that I can appreciate progress in IT field and understand less or more what is going on in the world.

My hobby is social psychology and behavior of people. I'm educated in Economics & Public Relations. For many years I was writing articles that explains psychology, politics, economy to people.

And now it is time for me to start to give people something more. Opportunities that are not just dreams anymore


*You can do it yourself, it really easy to start. I tried H2O software but maybe there are others. If you can read documentation, are not afraid to learn a few SQL commands (for data preparation) and have good computer you can start to solve simple problems in a few days/weeks. Of course to start win a competitions at Kaggle you need some years of practice and hours of trials with options, data preparation, etc. But good news is that you do not have to invent and implement new mathematical algorithms. It is already included in software. Reading about algorithms could help you a bit but it is better to search for heuristics that machine learning scientists use to create models that solves problems in most efficent way.

. So thanks to Reition, people would be able to live to see the day when intergalactic travels are possible.